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The Times UK: Meet the Food Bloggers: Use Real Butter

From Times Online

May 6, 2009

Meet the Food Bloggers: Use Real Butter

Jennifer Yu's network of food obsessed online friends helped her come through chemotherapy last year

Nick Wyke

7. Blog: Use Real Butter

What inspires you to write a food blog?

My obsessive-compulsive nature and love of archiving and sharing information. I blogged throughout my chemotherapy last year. That really gave me something to look forward to when I felt rather awful. The genuine caring and support of my readers gave me a connection to the world that would have been impossible with my compromised immune system during treatment.

What sort of posting really gets your readers excited (good or bad)?

Giveaways. Chocolate. Candy. Cakes. See the pattern? Oh, and pictures of the dog or Colorado scenery.

Which cookbook can you not do without and which chef is your hero/heroine?

I reference many cookbooks, but I use the notebook from my pastry skills class the most. I don't own a television and I don't follow any of the celebrity chefs, but I quite love Julia Child. The woman was as strong as an ox.

Share a seasonal recipe with us...and a tip for a local restaurant?

This is the bomb, but the knife has already been won (sorry).

The hands down best dining experience in Boulder: Community Night at The Kitchen, a restaurant dear to my heart and stomach. Other favorites in Boulder: L'Atelier, Jax Fishhouse, Sushi Tora, Flagstaff House, John's Restaurant. The best place to eat in my little mountain town of Nederland, Colorado is my house.

Tell us something about food from your part of the world?

There is a lot of buffalo.

What would you eat for your last supper?

Toro sashimi (fatty tuna). All of it.

Which other food blogs do you read regularly?

Several of the blogs listed in your Top 50 as well as Dessert First, White on Rice Couple, and hundreds of others piling up in my reader right now.

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